My condolences…

Actor Charlie Robinson, has passed at the age of 75. He recently suffered with organ failure and cancer. He was best known for his role on the NBC sitcom “Night Court”, where he played Macintosh “Mac” Robinson. Charlie was a Houston native who loved to sing as well. As a teen, he shared his vocal talents with the group Archie Bell and the Drells. The television “court” world will never be quite the same again.

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Rapper DMX, dead at 50…

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Thank God for 39 years!! I’m thankful for life. I’m also thankful that my following here has grown as well. Thank you to each of you for all that you do to help contribute to my blog. I appreciate it! 💓🙏

This one hurts…

A lot of you may wonder why I titled this blog in that manner and not more professionally. I felt sort of an attachment to the ministry though, and it hates me to even write this. However, one of the greatest Generals of Faith, world-Renowned Pastor, Speaker, Teacher, Minister, Preacher, Father, Husband, Grandfather, and Friend (among many other esteemed titles), has gone on to be with the Lord.

I watched this man minister the Word of God on television for years. I was a true fan. Even though I have a church and I didn’t even live in the state that he pastors in, I was drawn into his ministry by the stand that he took on faith and his love for God. I have gotten the opportunity to purchase several pieces of his literature and it has been a blessing to me as well. Even when his son took over the ministry, I stayed in tune. Here over the last few years, God blessed me to connect with one of his daughters on social media! I have been blessed to develop a friendship and bond with her as well. As a result, this definitely feels more like family.

Please keep his family, church, friends, and everyone who knew and loved him in your thoughts and prayers. “To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord…And we know that if our earthly tabernacles were to be dissolved, we have a temple not made with hands waiting for us in the Heavens”…

Actress Natalie Desselle Reid, has passed..

Natalie Desselle Reid, best known for her roles on movies “BAPS” and “Madea”, has passed after having suffered colon cancer. Please keep her fans and family in your prayers. You can read the article by clicking on the link.

Here’s a great concert coming!!

Check out this great social distancing concert! It took me awhile to post, because I wanted to make sure it would actually happen. The date is set for November 21, 2020. This will take place at Lone Star Park Parking Lot, 1000 Lone Star Parkway, Grand Prairie, TX, 75050. Event kicks off at 6:30 PM. For tickets, log on to :, or Call 214-943-2893 for more information.